How Do We Make AI Understand The World? | FLAIRS & Capgemini

“AI can do a lot, but you need confidence that they are doing what we intended them to do.”

Robert Engels, Vice President and CTO AI for Capgemini I&D
Can Digital Twins Prevent a Bank Run? | FLAIRS & TCS

“AI is changing our lives, some jobs will be heavily influenced by AI – but that creates an opportunity.”

Shantanu Talukdar, Head of Innovation, Financial Services Europe TCS
Can AI Speed Up The Evolution of Banks? | FLAIRS & SAS

“Human oversight, I think that is sort of the keyword” – talking about challenges and dilemma that comes with adoption of AI in banking.

Alex Kwiatkowski, Director of Global Financial Services Industry Marketing at SAS
When Will AI Take My Job? | FLAIRS & BTS

“Understanding where we get AI to play a role and how we make most out of it, that will probably be the (new kind of) job”

Ignacio Vaccaro, Senior director & head of SABA Practice at BTS