2018: Blending Banks

The 2018 edition of FLAIRS, which was held at DeFabrique events and activities venue in Utrecht, focused on networking and collaboration. The various workshops covered themes like data science, learning agility, nudging, machine learning, job satisfaction and sleep. The evening programme started with a full-blown food truck festival and ended with a great party in an old factory buidling.

2017: Life of a Banker

The 2017 edition of FLAIRS focused on the life of a banker. The panel, the various speakers and the workshops covered subjects like ‘the new way of working’, developments in the sector, personal development and vitality. The day ended with a walking dinner and a party in the centre of Amsterdam.

2016: Personal leadership

The message behind FLAIRS 2016 was clear: aim for the moon, you might reach the stars! This edition of FLAIRS focused on personal leadership, self-development and improving effectiveness. During the inspiring workshops, Young Professionals were given a number of tools to help them discover what stimulates and motivates them.

2015: Responsive Banking – How will you Change the Financial Industry?

The world is changing at a rapid pace and individuals and organisations are changing too. At FLAIRS 2015, various inspiring speakers and fintech start-ups took the young generation of bankers through the changes happening in the financial sector. The event focused on the following central question: How will you change the financial industry?